Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Private VIP Tour

The VIP Tour was probably my favorite part of the trip. Really, there are no probablies about it–it was my favorite. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Universal Studios offers group and private VIP tours. For my birthday, since I had come into some money, I went for the private VIP tour option. This ran me a little over $4000 for two people (cost was for up to four people I believe), just in case anyone is interested in booking it for themselves. Which I highly recommend. I had been to Universal Studios in Hollywood before, living in the Los Angeles area. But, this had been my first time to the parks in Orlando.

VIP Breakfast

We started our day off in Universal Studios where we met our tour guide Tati, who would be taking us around the park for the day. We were immediately escorted to La Bamba, the buffet-style restaurant set aside for VIP tour goers for breakfast. Once we had eaten our fill, Tati took us straight to Diagon Alley and to Kings Cross Station. Our walk through Platform 9 3/4 is at the top of this post.

Islands of Adventure

From there we went to Islands of Adventure, where I got to ride Hagrid’s Motor Bike Adventure. I should note that one of the best parts of going on a VIP tour is that you do not wait in line. No lines, not even during Thanksgiving week.

After that, much of the morning was a whirlwind. I would love to give you a chronological list of the rides we rode and the things we saw, but it would be impossible to do so. There are photos up on my Facebook page and will be going up on my Instagram page over the next week or so as photos come in and as I slowly get them up there.

Marvel Island

I will say that my favorite part of the day was at Marvel Island. Now, I’m a huge Potterhead–I even decorated my apartment like Hogwarts, so I had expected the World of Harry Potter to be my favorite. So, I was surprised when I was nearly brought to tears on Marvel Island when I got to get my photo taken first with Wolverine and Captain America, and then Cyclops and Rogue. This was the highlight of the entire trip for me, and I did not expect that. It was funny, Wolverine asked if I got anything nice for my birthday besides him–little did he know…

Lunch & Universal’s Animal Actors

Anyway, shortly after that, we went back to La Bamba for lunch, and then to Universal Studios for the remainder of the day where we got to see Universals Animal Actors and to ride more rides. We were a little rushed by the end of the day heading back over to Islands of Adventure since the Harry Potter rides went down while we were over there in the morning. I got to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. And, we finished off the day riding the Hippogriff rollercoaster before heading to dinner, which was also included–all of the meals were included that day. I also bought a stuffed Hippogriff after riding Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure.

If you have any questions about any of the attractions at the park, I can try to answer them. And, there are more photos and videos on my instagram and Facebook as listed above. Stay tuned for my post next week about the manatee swim!

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