You Be the Detective–The Murder of Bianca Macy

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Kelsey: Oh, thank goodness you’re here. I’m in need of a private investigator with your skills. Let me introduce myself: I’m Special Agent Kelsey Reed with the FBI. I’m investigating the local gang here in Hayton, but my star witness, a CI by the name of Chelsea Bennett has gone missing.

It’s a little controversial considering that she’s technically a minor at 17, but that’s why social services was involved to look out for her well-being. Unfortunately, her case worker was murdered, and Chelsea has gone missing.

I know that Chelsea is innocent–she volunteered to work with me to stop Ciara Raine, the gangster who brought her into the gang, but it won’t take long before the local police, led by Head Detective Kacy Williams, connects the dots and starts looking for Chelsea as well. We need to find her before that happens. We should also avoid my parent, Agent Cooper. He was never on board with me working with Chelsea.

Are you with me?


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