The Murder of Bianca Macy 2-11

Kelsey: Thank you for agreeing to meet with us.

Sloane: Yes, of course. Are you taking over the investigation then?

Kelsey: We’re running a parallel investigation as her murder ties to one my cases.

Sloane: Chelsea Bennett.

Kelsey: Yes.

Sloane: I didn’t tell the police about her.

Kelsey: I appreciate that.

Sloane: I didn’t tell the police, but if they come back with a warrant, I’ll have to.

Kelsey: That’s all right. I completely understand.

Sloane: I know you’re coming at this from a different angle, but I do hope you find who did this to her. She was one of my best caseworkers–I think you know this. She had a way of reaching even our toughest clients.

Kelsey: I’ll do everything I can. Just as a formality and for the record, can you tell us where you were the night Bianca was murdered?

Sloane: I was at home with my family. I’d prefer if you didn’t bother them, but if you need to, you can talk to them.

Kelsey: I don’t think it’s necessary at this time, but if that changes, I’ll let you know.

Let’s talk to someone else.

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