The Murder of Bianca Macy 2-8

Cooper: Haven’t you bothered me enough? I have real work to do.

Kelsey: Like talking on the phone with Anita Bennett and hanging out with Ciarra Raine at the docks?

Cooper: I told you–Anita called me, completely freaked out because Ciarra was at her home. After I calmed her down, I went to the docks to question Ciarra. That’s it.

Kelsey: Ciarra? You’re on first name basis with a gangster?

Cooper: And, you’re not on a first name basis with Chelsea Bennett?

Kelsey: She’s my CI.

Cooper: The fact remains–you don’t have anything on me, so stop harassing me. **he walks away.

Kelsey: Oh, he’s definitely up to something. We’ll have to come to him though.

Is there anyone else you want to question?

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