Spending Christmas Alone

December 24, 2001, Day trip to Universal Studios Hollywood

Christmas is always a little bitter sweet for me. I’m not close with my family, and I don’t want to intrude on my friends’ holidays. What I’ve learned though, is that it’s important to make the holidays my own. And it’s important to celebrate them in a way that makes me happy–even if that means spending Christmas alone.

12/24/21 Universal Studios Day Trip

Spa Days & Amusement Parks on Christmas Eve

The first year I did this, I did a spa day for myself. I gave myself a facial and did my nails. Did my hair and makeup, and dressed up to take a photo in front of the tree. Since then, this has evolved to me going to amusement parks on Christmas Eve and buying my own presents (I do this for my birthday, too).

Advent Calendars

This year, to bring in a little bit of an element of surprise, I got a couple of Advent calendars that give me one present to open each day. These are small things like a charm bracelet, postcards, or other collectables.

Spending the Holiday with Pets

I like being alone much of the time, but on the holidays, it can be a little lonely. Gifts under the tree and my own holiday traditions help to make it less so–and I do have Fawkes, my conure to spend the day with. We can’t exactly debate about important issues, but we can have conversations. They usually consistent of ‘you my buddy?’ ‘Yes, I’m you’re buddy’ and ‘I want water’, but he is as smart as a small child, and there a lot of stories I can tell just about this little guy. He was able to tell me who I voted for in the 2020 election; he said he wanted to go to Japan for a vacation (we had just watched the episode in Fuller House where they went to Japan, and I asked him where he wanted to go–I don’t think he knew of any other places); and lately, he likes to tell me that he’s going to kick my butt. I just laugh a him (which probably reinforces that, but it’s still funny).

The Best Part

All of the things I’ve listed help to make the holidays less lonely, but I think Fawkes is the most important of those. Having a pet over the holidays (and the rest of the year) means that I really am not alone. The constant, ‘April’, ‘April’, ‘April’ in the morning before I let him out of his cage is a prime example. Maybe it’s about time I let him up for the day.

Have a happy holidays everyone, and I hope that for those of you who are alone for those holidays, that some of my tips might make them just a little less lonely. Having a fun Christmas, even while spending it alone, is possible.

Check out my Youtube video of my Christmas Eve at Universal Studios!

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7 thoughts on “Spending Christmas Alone

  1. I have spent two Xmases entirely alone, and one Xmas morning alone (before I caved and hopped a bus to go to an Xmas dinner with family). In a way, these solitary ones were the most profound. These days it’s still quite different than what it once was. The whole point is the spirit. Glad you can feel it!

    1. It’s true. While it can get lonely, I’m alone by choice, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, at least for now, at this point of my life. Thank you for commenting!

      1. Sometimes I fantasize about being one of those ‘holy men’ who in India take off at a certain point in life and live in the wild. But then I thought… the animals would eat me alive! So I do some kind of practical synthesis. 😄

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