The Murder of Bianca Macy 4-3

Cooper: I don’t have to talk to you.

Kelsey: You’re right; you don’t, so just listen. The gun you bought for Anita Bennett was used in the murders of Bianca Macy and Adam Fox, which makes you an accomplice.

Cooper: You can’t pin those on me. Anita’s a loose cannon.

Kelsey: I didn’t say anything about Anita.

Cooper: Well, who else would it have been? Chelsea’s a drug dealer, not a murderer. Even I know that. You’re her handler. You didn’t know that?

Kelsey: I did know that. I also know that Adam Fox was the only person who could have proven Chelsea’s innocence. She was with him at the time of Bianca Macy’s murder. Now, walk me through it. Where did you get the gun?

Cooper: I want my lawyer.

Kelsey: Okay, but I can’t help you then.

Cooper: I want my lawyer. If he advises me to talk to you, I will.

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