How I Spent My New Years Eve

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If you read my Alone for Christmas post, then you know that I don’t have family to spend the holidays with. I have spent New Years Eve with friends in the past, but given the state of things with COVID, I thought it best if I didn’t hold any live events. I don’t mind traveling for events, but New Years Eve events tend to be crowded, and crowds are one thing I would prefer to stay away from if I can. So how did I spend my New Years Eve? Given the state of my new business, I decided to have a livestream to attempt to gain some new viewers and give my business a jump start. I spent my evening online with good friends–that is how I spent my New Years Eve.

Technical Difficulties

There were numerous technical difficulties, the main one being that there were two different livestreams. I didn’t realize that Zoom creates its own livestream, so I had to jump streams and probably lost a few viewers with that. I also forgot myself and forgot to ask questions of one of my guests.

Bottom Line

I made all of two cents as a result of the livestream and all the promotions I ran. But, that isn’t really the bottom line. The bottom line is that I had blast filming it. It was probably one of the best New Years Eve’s I’ve ever had. I had a total of 17 views between the two livestreams, and one of each of those was my other account. But, I didn’t spend my New Year alone.

I’m not the most social–that’s for sure, but it was all fifteen and twenty minute segments and all things that I loved doing. I’m definitely going to do this again next year.

Check out both portions of my livestream:

Part I

Part II

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