The Murder of Bianca Macy 4-11

Kelsey: Your neighbor’s testimony clears you of Adam’s murder, and Agent Cooper’s testimony clears you of Bianca’s murder. You’re free to go.

Chelsea: So she can kill me too?

Kelsey: We already have her on Adam’s murder. We have enough evidence to put her away, but we need your help to put her away for Bianca’s murder.

Chelsea: And then what? What happens to me? I’m still technically a minor. My only friend in the world is dead, and mother killed him, along with my social worker. You don’t think she’ll find a way to get back at me? Even if she doesn’t, Ciarra Raine provided the weapon. I tell you what I know, and even if my mother doesn’t go after me, Ciarra will.

Kelsey: You’ll go into witness protection. Giving us Ciarra Raine easily gets that for you.

Chelsea: When I went to the pier that night, I saw Agent Cooper talking with Ciarra Raine. What I missed on the video was her giving him the gun. It’s the same gun that my mother used to kill Adam.

Kelsey: Forensics ties it to Bianca’s murder as well.

Chelsea: When I went in, I accused her of Bianca’s murder. We argued, and then she fired the gun at the wall. She told me that next time, instead of the wall it would be me unless I did exactly what she said. She wiped off the gun and then handed it to me, made me put my prints on it, and told me that I needed to confess. She said that she hadn’t killed Bianca just to have Adam help me turn things around. She said he came there looking for me, but when he found out I wasn’t there, he had some choice words to say to her. He apparently told her about my efforts to become emancipated, and she flipped out. She said that I couldn’t do that to her. The police came after that, and I confessed like she told me to, because I was afraid, and I was too shocked at what she had done to fight back.

Kelsey: Well, we’ll help you fight back now.

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