Facebook Prefers Scammers over Small Businesses

I had a rough night last night. Yet another of my boosted posts on Facebook had been denied with them saying that it was a scam. The video above is from a year ago, but it’s still very accurate in my opinion because I believe: Facebook prefers scammers over small businesses.

Facebook Yard Sale Groups

I used to belong to several Facebook Yard Sale Groups (still do belong to some). When I started my travel agent business, my trainers recommended I join to post my ads there. The problem was that every ad in there was very clearly a scam. Find a number other than 803 and will a million dollars. Be the first to post Walmart and get a $1000 Walmart gift card. And it goes on and on and on.

Well, at first, I was able to post, but I only got responses in the Facebook Marketplace–why? Because no one was reading the posts in the other groups, because 98% of the ads in there were scams. And, 98% of the people in the groups’ own ads were being denied. That last number is purely speculation as I have no idea what anyone else in those groups experience was. I can only talk about my experience.

My Experience

At first, my ads went through, but then Facebook made it harder and harder to post to multiple groups, insisting I join groups in Minnesota (which were not at all relevant to me in Los Angeles) instead of giving the option to select multiple groups at once. So, I posted to five groups individually, dutifully each day, even multiple times a day. Then they started denying my posts.

Since then, every single one of my posts has been denied. I get prompted in my alerts to boost irrelevant posts, but any of the relevant posts I try to boost? Denied. I thought it was something I was doing.

Facebook Internal Communications

Then, I started to do some research, and found this article. The Intercept (a politically left-leaning, but highly credible newsletter according to mediabiasfactcheck.com. The damning communications which indicated that Facebook’s targeting system was showing ads to people not in a small business’s targeted audience came out as a result of a lawsuit accusing them of same.

The Actual Scammers

While small business ads are being shut down day in and day out (I can attest to that), the actual scammers are running rampant on the site unchecked. I used to report them, but then Facebook would not do anything. I would see the same scammers again and again and again.


Because of this, I must conclude that Facebook is somehow benefiting from these scams and are intending to hurt small businesses. I do not know why, but I will keep looking until I find out why Facebook prefers scammers over small businesses.

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