My Christmas Eve 2021 Universal Experience: Universal’s Lower Lot

mummy sleeping statue
mummy sleeping statue
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After riding the Simpsons ride, I headed down to Universal’s lower lot. I was honestly disappointed because the single rider lines were all closed on the lower lot. This meant a longer wait time than usual, although for Jurassic World and The Mummy’s Revenge, it was only about 20 minutes.

For Transformers, I almost walked away, but they ended up letting me go through the express line since I was by myself. This is something that happened to me one other time. The person working on the ride let me go in the express line for the Simpsons Ride on a previous visit because I was there alone. I do not ask to go in the express line–I just ask about the single rider line. Although, I do not do this for the Simpsons Ride any longer, because I know that they never have one. I also don’t make a big deal about it. Most of the time, they send me into the regular line. This time though, I politely told them I was going to pass on the ride because of the wait. They double-checked that I was alone, then told me to go in the express line.

Jurassic World

I think Jurassic World needs a special mention here because they changed the ride since I was last there. It was much scarier. Many more huge predators jumping out at you. I may try to film the next time I am there–if I can keep my eyes open long enough. (And of course ensure that my phone or tablet won’t end up in the waterfall).

Conclusion on Universal’s Lower Lot

Overall, I think I got lucky in my wait time for two reasons, despite Universal’s Lower Lot Single rider lines being closed:

  • First, I went before the park opened, before any crowds arrived.
  • Second, it was a rainy day.

So, if you want to go to Universal Studios, it’s important to go early, and to go on a day when it is forecast to rain because there will be fewer people there. And, fewer people equals shorter lines.

Until next time, this is April Cox from AprilCoxTravel signing off.

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