Terrorists in Santa Barbara 1-5

You: *Follow Kelsey toward the gunshots to one of the dorms. You arrive in time to see Ciarra Raine and a man (presumably her brother) running away. A student is lying on the ground a pool of blood around their head. Other students are running or screaming. It is total pandemonium.

Kelsey: Everybody freeze! FBI. *She puts away her weapon and pulls out her badge, then slowly kneels down to check for a pulse on the fallen student. She shakes her head and stands back up.

Now, who can tell me what happened here. *She turns to a girl standing nearby who seems mostly calm.

Girl: They showed up screaming for someone named Chelsea Bennett, but then they changed their mind and said they wanted Quinn Davis. What does Quinn have to do with this?

Kelsey: Quinn is a high valued witness in a case against one of two who did this. Here real name is Chelsea Bennett. She was in the witness protection program. Now, what happened next?

Girl: The man went crazy when we told him that she left a half hour ago, and he shot Dillon.

Kelsey: What’s your name?

Girl: Elizabeth–Lizzie for short. Lizzie Bayne.

Kelsey: All right, Lizzie. I’m going to call this in. In the meantime, is there any where else that each of you can stay?

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