Terrorists in Santa Barbara Chapter One

Agent West: Thank goodness. The two of you know Ciarra Raine, and Agent Reed, you know her brother Ben better than I or my team do. Given the current danger, I can’t risk any unknowns.

Kelsey: What’s going on?

Agent West: There was a prison break out of Pelican Bay.

Kelsey: Let me guess. Ciarra Raine and her brother?

Agent West: Along with two other siblings who are far worse: Louisa and Shane Suravinda. They were the ones who set off the bomb in San Clemente.

Kelsey: I heard about that. They killed about a dozen people.

Agent West: Two dozen. We didn’t know where they were heading until we found out about this. *She hands Kelsey a file

Kelsey: They’re in Santa Barbara? What did Dr. Weiss have that the Suravindas were interested in?

Agent West: A virus. She was working on manipulating an influenza virus to predict the next pandemic and how to cure it.

Kelsey: Did she succeed?

Agent West: She succeeded in creating a more deadly virus, but she hadn’t as of yet, found the cure.

Kelsey: Any idea as to their target?

Agent West: No idea, but there may be a witness. There was a bloody footprint, and it didn’t belong to Dr. Weiss, either of the Suravindas or the Raines. The fact is that we don’t know who has the the virus–the Raines or the Suravindas. We know they killed Weiss together, but then they split up from there. It’s most likely the Suravindas, but you know the Raines better than I do. Are they capable of this?

Kelsey: If they have the virus, they won’t be looking to scare everybody or to kill a bunch of people. But, they also wouldn’t care if people got hurt. I have an avenue I can pursue–let me look into it, and I’ll let you know how it pans out. That way, you and your team can focus on the Suravindas.

Review the previous case on Ciarra Raine.

Go talk to Chelsea Bennett.

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