Tesla: Another Example of Sexism in the Workplace

eccentric young lady with loudspeaker during action on street

Tesla sexual harassment lawsuits multiply as 6 more women sue musk led firm

eccentric young lady with loudspeaker during action on street
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Tesla sexual harassment lawsuits multiply as 6 more women sue musk led firm: I’m getting really tired of hearing about things like this. It’s not that I don’t believe the women coming forward–I do; that’s the problem. It’s the fact that we live in a society where this is so prevalent. Rape culture at its finest. And yes, I know that sexual harassment and rape are not the same things, but they fall under the same umbrella, and the culture that condones rape is the same culture that makes way for sexual harassment and vice versa.

A Society that Condones Rape

Yes, I said condones it, and I mean it. Why else would rape go so under reported? Why else would there be no consequences for sexual harassment to the point that multiple lawsuits have come about? Women are taught from a young age in both subtle and explicit ways that men are more important than them. We get talked over, passed over for promotion simply due to our child-bearing ability. Women are taught that their main role is to be wife and mother, so much so that when a woman chooses not to have children, they are looked down on and questioned–Exhibit A: Choosing pets over babies is ‘selfish and diminishes us’, says pope.

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Church as leader of the sexism movement

Ah, yes, the proverbial elephant in the room–church as leader of the sexism movement and rape culture. Now, first, I feel I need to say that I don’t think the church is all bad. There were things I liked when I went, but I stopped going because I felt that I did not belong. That’s another story, but one of the things I have a really hard time with is the way that women are treated in the church.

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The Divine Feminine

When I was in college, I went on a retreat where they talked about the Divine Feminine. At the time, it made me think. Now, I just think it’s a bunch of garbage. What the Divine Feminine is, is putting women on a pedestal and then controlling and protecting them like property. Sexism isn’t all bad–some of it is this version of it.

There are two things wrong with this though:

  1. This can easily be abused and turn into an abusive situation.
  2. This further divides the genders and takes away freedoms from women.

Subtle Sexism

What it comes down to is not just overt sexism like in the articles above, but in the subtle sexism of then Senator Harris being talked over during Congress’s investigations into then President Trump. It’s me going to a critique group and not being given an opportunity to speak, because every time I would try to, a man would talk over me (I left that group btw and complained to the people running it). It’s the lack of women CEOs because women believe what they are told when they are told their place is at home, or their place is in housekeeping, or their place is in working with children. What may very well have been my reasoning for becoming a behavioral therapist in the first place, even though it was never what I wanted.

I’ve said this many times before, but our way of thinking drastically has to change, or women and girls will always be held back from meeting their true potential.

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