Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-2

Kelsey: Chelsea’s roommate’s name is Marquita Camren. They’re both freshman science majors. *knocks on the door

Student: No one’s been back to that room since the shooting.

Kelsey: I’m…

Student: I know. Agent Reed with the FBI. Quinn…Chelsea…she disappeared before the shooting…and so did Marquita.

Kelsey: What’s your name?

Student: Maria. Maria Holmes.

Kelsey: Maria, did they disappear before or after Dr. Weiss’s murder?

Maria: I don’t know. Around the same time I guess.

Kelsey: Did either of these two come back? *shows a photo of Ben & Ciarra Raine

Maria: No, but the other two were here poking around. I don’t think they know I saw them.

Kelsey: What other two?

Maria: The Latina couple? The one from the news? *she points to the tv on in her bedroom

Kelsey: The Suravindas. Why would Agent West be publicizing this and without telling us?

Confront Agent West.

Check the science lab for more clues.

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