Terrorists in Santa Barbara Chapter 2

Agent West: So, you’ve brought me another body and no leads?

Kelsey: We have witnesses that positively identified Ben and Ciarra Raine. I also think I know who the witness was to Dr. Weiss’s murder.

Agent West: And I’m just hearing about this now?

Kelsey: Yes, because I couldn’t reveal her identity before without potentially putting her life in danger. I had a witness in witness protection in Santa Barbara. I am not positive that it was her that was there when Dr. Weiss was killed, but she’s the one that Ben and Ciarra Raine were looking for at the college. We need to find her.

Agent West: No, you need to find her. We need to find the virus and stop it from being released.

Talk to Chelsea’s Roommate.

Talk to Chelsea’s Mother.

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