Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour 2

After lunch, the Universal Studios VIP tour focused on the rides. We rode Jurassic World and Transformers before lunch, and after lunch, we went to see Water World.

I touch on Waterworld in the video above, but there are some things that didn’t make it into the video.

  1. I didn’t want to see it. Let’s make it very clear, first of all, that this is not because I don’t like Waterworld, but more because I have seen it before–more than once. In the video, I say, “However, it was a different experience watching from behind a camera instead of as a member of the regular audience.” This is true–I just left out not wanting to watch it.
  2. I knew who one of the actors was. It was also exciting to find out that the actress who plays Lizzie on Legacies played Helen in Waterworld that day.

Pets Off the Leash

As I said in the first video, Pets Off the Leash is not my favorite ride. It’s a little slow moving for my tastes. (I prefer thrill rides). But, it was cute and enjoyable.

Minion Mayhem

The minion ride is always fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have much else to say about it.


I feel like I have written exhaustively on Hogsmeade, and the truth is that we didn’t spend that much time here on the tour. 🙁 We did a few photo ops, rode both of the rides, and then we were given a choice between The Simpsons Ride and Kung Fu Panda.

The Simpsons Ride

AprilCoxTravel standing between Bart & Homer Simpson

This was my very vocal choice, and the rest of the group ended up agreeing with me. Although the Simpson’s Ride is not one of my favorites, I still tend to enjoy it–I didn’t like Kung Fu Panda. I did however end up getting queasy on this ride due to the heat the day I went–I probably should have gotten something to eat or gotten out one of the snacks I had packed afterwards, but I ended up back on Forbidden Journey, which is another story altogether.

Debate between Shrek & Kung Fu Panda

Although we didn’t go to Kung Fu Panda, our tour guide and I ended up debating a little about Shrek & Kung Fu Panda. I preferred Shrek, and he preferred Kung Fu Panda. Really, the conversation can be summed up as I liked Shrek before seeing the show, and I didn’t like Kung Fu Panda, so that weighed heavily on my choice. I don’t remember what else was said on that.

Anyway, so tell me, what is your favorite ride or area at Universal Studios Hollywood?

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