Before the Universal Studios VIP Tour

When I signed up for the Universal Studios VIP Tour, I was informed that there were a lot of opportunities for photos, and while this was true, it focused on some things I was either unfamiliar with or just slightly less interested in because it was outside my niche. But, I will share them with you here, and you can decide for yourselves.

I am familiar with ET, but the information here didn’t mean a lot to me.

I’ve heard of the office, too, it just seemed a bit too real life for me. I like my television and movies to be more of an escape. I suppose that’s why I like fantasy so much.

Frankenstein & his monster. I don’t have to have seen the movie to be familiar. I have to say though–I liked meeting the monster in the park better.

The poster doesn’t look familiar, but I have seen The Phantom of the Opera. I actually have it on DVD, which definitely ages me a bit.

And, Snow White’s dress. Although it doesn’t look familiar, it caught my eye out of everything there. I may have seen this movie (the live action version. I definitely saw the Disney version as a child), but there have been so many reiterations of fairy tales that this one isn’t familiar to me.

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