Universal Studios Hollywood Updates

The Mummy’s Revenge

For those of you that don’t know, the Mummy’s Revenge is currently closed for refurbishment and has been since early to mid-January. (It was closed when I went to Universal on January 12th). However, when I was there on January 26, I was informed that they would be reopening on February 4th! Yay, for quick maintenance!

Super Mario World

Unfortunately, no news on this has dropped for the Universal employees, so if there is information to be had on this, I don’t have it. Sorry. 🙁

New Ride in Hogsmeade

Again, the employees at Universal do not know anything about this. In fact, they seem to think it’s not likely since there isn’t really a lot of room for anything new. A bit disappointing if you ask me, but that’s all I know about this.

New Menu Item at Three Broomsticks

Just in case you’re disappointed about so few updates, The Three Broomsticks has a new option: Roasted Chicken Salad. The vegetables on this were very fresh, so if you like salads, this is a good option.

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