Pets Off the Leash 411 & Review

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As I stated on the overview video of the rides on my VIP Experience and in previous blog posts, Pets Off the Leash was not my favorite ride. I didn’t really dislike it–I like all of the rides and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it was just a little slow for my tastes.

The Story

The premise is that you are a stray puppy needing adopting. You take a journey to the pet store where they clean you up, and then you meet the family that is going to adopt you. It’s a really cute story that begins in the queue.

The Line

On slower days and in the morning, there is no need for an express pass. The first time I rode it was Christmas Eve. It was raining, so a lot of people didn’t come to the park until later. I walked right onto the ride. By the time I left though, it was packed to the point that the virtual line was closed.

Virtual Line & VIP Tour

I don’t really know much about the Virtual line as I did not need to use it, but the VIP Tour had little difference from an express pass. That said, we did get to cut into the middle of the line rather than waiting the entire time.

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