I got into a discussion with a fellow blogger a few weeks ago regarding Twilight, and it got me thinking back to when I originally read the books.

Enjoyed Them, but Bella Annoyed Me

I loved the way the books were written, because they were so immersive. And, I enjoyed feeling as if I were in the middle of the story, in Bella’s shoes. But, I didn’t like Bella’s character.

Bella was too passive. She let everyone around her control her, and I was constantly yelling at her to respond differently. However, it wasn’t until I came across Cinema Therapy on Youtube that I really realized how bad Twilight really was.

I was so immersed in Bella’s head that I was mostly reacting to Bella, not Edward (Jacob’s not any better, but that’s another story). Once I watched just one of these videos, and I can’t unsee the series in that way. Edward spends the entire time controlling Bella and treating her like a possession. He stalks her and watches her as she sleeps without her knowing. She doesn’t have any free will, or really, any personality, until she is turned into a vampire.

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