Feminism & Sexuality

I have been rewatching Sex, Love, & Goop with a friend of mine recently. And, it reminded me about how much we are not taught about sexuality in our current society.

Lack of Sex Education

Conservatives are trying desperately to remove sex education from schools because they are afraid that children will begin having sex with each other because of those teachings. The truth is that all that is happening without the education is unsafe sex, but that is another story.

Sex Outside of Marriage is Bad

I grew up believing that sex was bad. And, if I chose to have sex outside of marriage, I would be considered a bad person. As an adult, I believe that this leads to people rushing into marriage, but again, that is another story.

Too Hot to Handle

I’ve also recently watched the show Too Hot to Handle on Netflix, and that is far more to the point. The show is about a group of young adults who are considered to be sexually promiscuous and do not have true connections with the people around them. With the help of Lana, and intelligent AI who imposes a sex ban during their stay on the show, they learn how to communicate and have intimate relationships with each other without sex.

Sex & Intimacy is Not Just About Intercourse

The types of relationships that these individuals were having in the beginning are essentially the kinds of relationships I tend to see around me. People have forgotten how to be intimate with themselves and with others and think that intimacy and sex is limited to intercourse. That is simply not true.

I Thought Something Was Wrong With Me

I thought something was wrong with me because I wasn’t interested in intercourse. And, I thought I was asexual because I didn’t feel the way that everyone around me seemed to feel (I suppose technically I do fall on that spectrum, but that is a story for another post). After watching Sex, Love, and Goop though, I found out that the answer wasn’t that simple.

The most important part of Sex, Love, & Goop is the sexual blueprint quiz. When I found out that I was an energetic type, it entirely changed my life.

I highly recommend taking the quiz yourself, so you can learn your sexual blueprint, whether you’re in a relationship or just curious about how your particular body is wired.


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