Jurassic World Attraction Rankings

#7. Jurassic Cafe

Jurassic Cafe, Universal Studios Hollywood

Mostly this is at the bottom of the list because it wasn’t open when I was there.

#6. Isla Nu-bar

I don’t really drink, so although this was open, I did not go, and it wasn’t really something that I was interested in.

#5. DinoPlay

I also didn’t really stop off here as I am not a child, nor was I traveling with a child. That said, it was more appealing to me than the bar.

#4. Jurassic Outfitters

I’m not big on shopping, but I saw a little stuffed Blue that I couldn’t pass up.

#3. Blue the Raptor Encounter

Although I enjoyed this, it wasn’t very interactive. I enjoyed the encounter much better in Orlando than at Hollywood.

#2. Baby Sierra Encounter

This was one of the first things I got to do this particular day, and it was something that I never had the opportunity to do before. Of all the interactions on the lower lot, this one was the most interaction because we were able to have Baby Sierra sniff our hands. We were also able to have up close and personal interactions with her as opposed to a quick selfie and limited interaction with Blue.

#1. Jurassic World

For those of you that read (or watched) my ride rankings, this might be a bit surprising. I actually rode this twice the last time I was at Universal. There was no line, and the second time, I actually did film. I also managed to keep my eyes open for most of it. I just may need to get used to it since I had only ridden it a few times before I did those rankings.

In short, Jurassic World is the only ride in this section of the park, which automatically makes it higher on the list than some of the other attractions. The only real competition are the raptor encounters, but the raptor encounters are just not very interactive. They are certainly not interactive enough to beat the ride.

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