The Raptor Encounter: Get Blue to React

Normally, the Raptor Encounter is just a photo op. You line up and everyone gets their turn to stand with Blue, and get their picture taken. But, if you want more of an interaction, bring a prop.

Bring a Prop to the Raptor Encounter

I’ve done the encounter with Blue three times–once in Orlando, and twice in Hollywood. The interaction in Orlando, I had purchased a Hippogriff souvenir prior to the interaction and still had it with me. The trainer asked me to show Blue the Hippogriff, and well, I’ll let you watch the video and see what happened.

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, November 21, 2021

The second time (first time in Hollywood), I just got a photo op.

Raptor Encounter, Universal Studios Hollywood, January 26, 2022

The third time, I decided to test the theory. I brought my souvenir plushie of baby Blue. This ultimately led to a standoff between the two Blues. It was pretty funny.

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