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Disneyland has been said to be the happiest place on earth. There has been some debate about this in recent months. But, whether or not it is the happiest place on earth, a lot of people still want to go. You can obtain Disneyland tickets online via Disney’s website or through a Disney certified, licensed travel agent. Unfortunately, you can no longer get Disneyland tickets at the gate.

Ticket prices range from $98-$164 for a basic one day ticket. See table below:

Multi-Day & Park hopper Disneyland Tickets

You also have the option to upgrade to multi-day tickets or park hopper tickets, with the prices ranging between $158-$360, depending on the number of days on the ticket (up to five) or whether you choose to include the park hopper feature. The park hopper feature allows you to go to both parks, Disneyland and California Adventure.

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