Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-11

In Los Robles.

Kelsey: *Knocks on Braden’s door.

There is no answer.

*Kelsey knocks again.

*A male student walks by.

Male Student: Are you looking for Braden or Luke?

Kelsey: Either one of them.

Male Student: Well, Braden hasn’t been back since that Professor lady was killed, but Luke should be at football practice.

Kelsey: What’s your name?

Male Student: Ben.

Kelsey: *Shows her badge

Ben, I’m Special Agent Reed with the FBI. What can you tell me about Braden’s disappearance?

Ben: You know he’s dating Marquita Camren, right?

Kelsey: Yes, I do know that.

Ben: Well, she showed up here that day, real upset. They go into Braden’s room for a minute, but seriously, like five minutes later, they came out and left, and Braden had a duffle bag with him. I figured they were leaving for the weekend, but they didn’t come back for classes.

Kelsey: Thank you, Ben. Do you mind if I show you some pictures? *She swipes on her phone and holds up a picture of Ciarra Raine.

Have you seen her?

*Ben shakes his head

*Kelsey swipes again and shows a picture of Ben Raine

Kelsey: What about him?

*Ben shakes his head again, and Kelsey swipes to a photo of the Suravinda twins

Ben: Wait…they were on the news right. And, swipe back. The other two as well. You don’t think they’re coming back here, do you?

Kelsey: No. I don’t think they’re coming back, but if they do, do. not approach them. Stay calm, and stay away from them and call me. *She pulls out a business card and hands it to him.

That’s my personal cellphone. Call me any time if you think of anything else, if any of those people show up here, or if you hear from Braden or Marquita.

Ben: Will do.

Ask Ben more questions.

Go to football practice to talk to Luke.

Get a warrant and search Braden’s room–Premium choice.

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