Secrets of Dumbledore Review

We’ve been waiting four years for the third Fantastic Beasts movie to come out. So, how was it? Check out my Secrets of Dumbledore Review below.

***Minor Spoiler Alert*** (I reveal some information about the movie not in the trailers, but not enough specifics to spoil the entire movie).

What I Liked

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I absolutely loved the plot. And, I loved the plan full of randomness to distract Grindelwald. I’m a sucker for plots like this where each character essentially has their own path. I also loved the returning cast (for the most part that was in it) and Mads Mikkelsen was awesome as Grindelwald. His energy fit the part better than Johnny Depp, although I do regret the way he ended up getting the role. Johnny Depp definitely got the bad end of that deal.

What I Didn’t Like

First of all, Tina was virtually eliminated from the movie with the excuse that she was too busy with having been promoted as the head of the Auror office. Just…no. Not buying it–and it really tainted the movie for me. If the actress wasn’t available, or there was the concern she would be too easily recognized, then polyjuice potion would have solved that. Super Carlin Brothers theorized that Bunty was actually Tina using polyjuice potion, and that would have been better than what we got–60 seconds at the very end.

Here is their review of the movie if you’re interested:

Queenie & Credence

Queenie and Credence got more screen time than Tina, but they also got the short end of the stick. They ultimately ended up switching sides, betraying Grindelwald. But, this was done so poorly that it wasn’t even believable.

There are two things that would have helped to fix this. First, there was a scene with Credence and Queenie that just sort of fell flat in the film. This would have been the perfect time to show their struggle. They both appeared very stiff and rigid in this scene, and it wouldn’t have taken much to improve it. Just one of them slipping up and saying something to indicate they regretted joining Grindelwald and the other saying, ‘me too’.

The second scene that would have fixed it would be the scene where Credence attacked Dumbledore. This was seen in the preview. Credence says nothing in the entire scene–one line expressing his doubt and confusion would have helped to show where his head was at, and would have made his switch more believable.

The Mirror World

I had less of an issue with this than others seemed to have. There wasn’t really an explanation as to how this occurred. While it would have been nice to have an explanation, I had less of an issue with this than I did with the overall character development issues, which led to continuity issues with the plot.

Better or Worse Than the Other Fantastic Beasts Movies?

This may be a controversial answer, but I found this to be the worst movie in the entire Harry Potter franchise. It was on par with Harry Potter & the Cursed child play when I saw it in San Francisco. You can read my review on that here.

Now, I did like Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. I am in the camp that enjoyed it and considers it to be canon. There was just a lot of build up to the play (partially because it took so long for me to be able to go to see it), but it just didn’t live up to the hype. I also liked Secrets of Dumbledore, but it paled in comparison even to Crimes of Grindelwald. It felt like they were just in a rush to fit in every second of action they could but no character development. Honestly, the entire movie felt rushed to me.

Should You See It?

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you should definitely see it, for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve heard that Warner Bros is deciding whether or not to create any more Harry Potter content based on how this movie performs. This is a bad idea, since this is not representative of what Harry Potter fans want. But, if this is true, boycotting the movie for Johnny Depp or even because you don’t think it will be worth it could mean the end of Harry Potter movies, tv specials, and anything else similar from Warner Bros.

Second, you want to have a complete understanding of what happened in the series. I know that even if I hated a movie in the Wizarding World (and I didn’t hate this movie), it would bug me to no end, because I’d be missing a piece of the story.

So, let me know in the comments section. What did you think of the movie?

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