COVID and Travel

Please see the current COVID and Travel regulations below:

  • The CDC recommends being fully vaccinated before traveling. For COVID levels at your travel destination, you can check this map.
  • Any and all travelers arriving at LAX must fill out a form acknowledging you will follow the CDC recommendations above.
  • TSA recommends following all current guidelines, the latest of which can be found here.

My Opinion on COVID and Travel

While I normally make posts like this more informational, I do have to say that I don’t entirely agree with the recommendations attached.

Although the overall level of cases is going down around the world, in the US, cases are starting to go back up.

The US has consistently been about 6 weeks behind the UK. Many other European countries have had an increases in cases over last few months with the newest variant. Cases are starting to go up here now. If you look at the red line on the above graph, that’s the United States and Canada. It’s only a small rise, but unmasking and lifting restrictions can lead to a big rise. Be careful out there.

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