Gas and Inflation Are the Result of Corporate Greed

Before I get into the issue of the week: Gas and Inflation, I want to explain a little about me. I am in my 30s and originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Several years ago, I moved to Los Angeles for gradschool. Now, I was raised in a traditional, lower class, white Christian family, and I was raised to be very conservative. I remember questioning those ideas as a teenager and being treated with derision when I admitted to being a Christian in Los Angeles. Now, I know why.

White Christian Nationalists

There is a sect of Christians known as White Christian Nationalists who stand for something very different. These faux Christians are not Christians at all, and they give Christians like you and me a bad name. I don’t stand for love. They stand for hate and for excluding people from the Kingdom of God. Added to this, some politicians have learned that they can do and say things that will appeal to these faux Christians as well as true Christians.

For instance, did you know that abortion was not a political issue originally? Politicians capitalized on this, despite not being anti-abortion themselves, because they knew it would appeal to their base. These same politicians don’t actually stand for anything except for division and gaining power for themselves. If you want to know which party it is that believes this, google videos of Congress voting. You’ll find that for every piece of legislature that would benefit the people of the United States, the Republicans vote no. Their strategy is to vote no on anything that the Democrats or Joe Biden propose to keep them from getting anything done. If you need further evidence, take a look at the only legislation they passed during their last tenure in power: a bill through reconciliation to lower taxes on the wealthy. That is another issue in and of itself, but they stand for the wealthy and for corporations–not us.

I know a lot of conservative media outlets are spreading a lot of crazy rumors between conspiracy theories, Q-Anon, all the way down to blaming Biden for gas price hikes, inflation, and price gouging. Let me clear a few things up.

QAnon & Don’t Say Gay Bill

I am proud to be liberal, and no one in my circles, including me, are child molesters or support the molestation of a child. When liberals come out as being opposed to the don’t say gay bill, they are not looking to sexualize children. We take issue with the vagueness of the wording because it allows for the dehumanization of the LGBTQ+ community, for which I am a part of (and no, I am not a pedophile–there is no correlation between LGBTQ+–I fall under the plus–and pedophilia).

The fact is that heterosexual families teach their children the notion of sex and gender at a very early age. You teach your child that they are a boy or a girl do you not? You teach them that Mommy is a girl and Daddy is a boy. Well, what if a child in a kindergarten class has two mommies? Or two daddies? According to this new bill, anti-gay advocates can get a teacher fired for referring to either of these scenarios.

This is the intent of this bill. This is why it is so vague, and that is why liberals have a problem with it. Teachers can also get in trouble for talking about anything other than a heterosexual relationship in high school or for teaching high-schoolers about sex.

When I was in high school, there was a huge focus on abstinence, but they did teach alternatives. What they didn’t talk about was different types of sexualities. Had they, I might have figured out that I was on the asexual spectrum long before my late thirties. It’s funny how everything is sexualized these days, but we’re not allowed to talk about it. Why is that?

Gas and Inflation, Price Gouging

Among the top things that I have heard from conservatives and critics of Biden and the Democrats are complaints about gas and inflation, as well as the lack of student loan cancellation. The only one of these that Biden can be rightfully blamed for is the lack of student loan cancellation as that is the only one he has control over. He has repeatedly delayed payment for student loan holders however, so that is a start, but I agree–he needs to cancel them altogether.

Gas prices and inflation of prices on other goods, however, are not within Biden or the Democrats control. They are the result of price gouging by corporations that have capitalized on the suffering of Americans and Ukrainians and have raised their prices despite record profits. If you don’t believe me, check out the links below.

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