The Difference Between Pro-life and Anti-Abortion

The last several years have been a very scary time in America. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency was a low point in the history of our country. And, something that generations to come will condemn us for. Striking down Roe v Wade is just the latest of what they are guilty of, because Roe v Wade is not about being pro-life, but about being anti-abortion. Here is the difference between pro-life and anti-abortion.

Roe v Wade

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The stacked and bias supreme court is poised to strike down Roe v Wade. And, it’s not about what most people think it is.

Anti-abortion laws must be about being against abortion and about being pro-life right? For some people, I suppose it is.

My Faith and Conservative Roots

I was raised in the Catholic church, and I went to a Catholic college. And, I went to a pro-life march in DC while I was there. I also prayed at an abortion clinic (we just prayed a safe distance away).

My faith is still important to me, but believe it or not, I always had questions about the church’s pro-life stance. I am not pro-abortion, but even back then and as far back as high school I had concerns that making abortion illegal would no not actually reduce the number of abortions, just the number of safe abortions. Someone convinced me otherwise at the time, but I’ve come to believe that he didn’t know what he was talking about in regards to a lot of things.

There are members of the religious right that truly do not believe in abortion, that believe it is the murder of a child. Catholics, in particular, believe that Roe v Wade should be reversed, but they also believe that service is an important element of their face, so they believe in providing aid to those children in utero and after they are born.

My Views on Roe v Wade

Having come from that tradition, I believe that service is important, but I am no longer in support of Roe v Wade being reversed. Abortion is a complicated issue, and to choose a black or white answer takes the humanity out of the question.

While I believe that if a baby can be carried to term if they can be safely and without the detriment to the mother and the family system, I also believe that the government, pro-lifers, or men in general have no right to decide for a woman what she does with her body. Taking away this right, even if it protects her unborn child, makes her little more than chattel–it dehumanizes her.

Anti-abortion & Adoption

According to the video above, the abortion ban is about the lack of domestically available babies for adoption. Yes, adoption saves the babies, but what about their mothers? According to the UN, forced pregnancy is akin to torture. They are asking women to be little more than incubators. Women have to give up their bodies, and really, risk their lives to have a child. We have the highest mother and baby mortality rates in the developed world.

I honestly, I feel sick every day with where the right is trying to take this country. There was a poem written somewhere that was going around social media at one point during Trump’s presidency: They came after the immigrants first, and then the African Americans, then LGBTQ+, the poor, women…and when they came for me, there was no one left to stand for me.

That is not the poem, but the idea behind it, and everything in that is true.

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