Universal Studios Hollywood Shows Ranking

Before I get started with ranking Universal Studios Hollywood shows, know that I am working with 4 shows only. I have never seen the Special Effects show, and it is no longer at Universal Hollywood. Second, this is my opinion only. If you disagree, please do not be offended. However, feel free to comment your favorites below.

#4 Water World

I suppose I’m starting with the most controversial opinion. Water World is by far one of Universal Studios’ most popular shows. And, I agree that it’s good, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Then why is it dead last on my list? Because I’ve simply seen it so many times that I just don’t get as much enjoyment out of it anymore.

#3 Triwizard Tournament

I saw this for the first time on January 12 when I went to the park, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m a major Harry Potter fan, and this was on my list to see since they couldn’t perform on Christmas Eve due to the rain. I should also add that this is very closely behind #2 on my list, although that might just be because I’m such a fan of the series.

#2 Universal’s Animal Actors

This is easily one of my favorite shows. I love animals, especially birds, and I tend to tear up any time I see a bird on stage doing tricks. That said, the last time I saw this show was in November during our VIP tour, so I am looking to see this one again the next time I go.

#1 Frog Choir

Of course it had to be Harry Potter. What I love about this show and why it beats all the others is because it combines Harry Potter with my love of singing and music.

So, that’s it. Do you agree with me? What’s your Universal Studios Hollywood Shows ranking? Post below.

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