Universal Hollywood VIP Experience Backlot Tour

For tickets to your own Universal Hollywood VIP Experience. Now, for my Universal Hollywood VIP experience backlot tour.

The Signs and Introduction

I filmed all of this, but there are a couple of signs I noticed in particular: Meet the Fockers and Mama Mia! We also went by the location where Transformers, The Amazing Spiderman, and Captain America First Avenger were filmed.

Set for Transformers, The Amazing Spiderman, & Captain America First Avenger.

King Kong 3D

Outside King Kong 360 3D ride.

As I said in my initial overview of this, I pretty much had my eyes closed for the entire thing. Here’s the thing–I never used to be quite that afraid. It was scary, for sure, but I didn’t close my eyes for it, or at least not the entire thing. I think that I became more afraid after riding this in Orlando for some reason, and I associate that fear with this and Jurassic World.

Weather & Earthquake Effects

I’ve always enjoyed these two parts of the studio tour. It’s always fun to see a flash flood coming towards you and to experience an artificial earthquake in a sound studio. The earthquake effects are even more enjoyable because they are featured in Bones, which was one of my favorite shows.

The Western Set & the Pond

I wasn’t really familiar with any the shows or movies mentioned in this part of the tour, though if you’re a Desperate Housewives fan, you will recognize the pond.

The Bathrooms

This may seem like something silly to include, but on the VIP tour, we did have a bathroom break where we stopped and got to use the same bathrooms that the actors and actresses used while on set.

The Good Place & Pirates of the Caribbean

Set from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I was really excited about this part. I love the show the Good Place, and we got to walk around the set. We also got to see some spots where the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed.


I missed this the first time I went through my footage from January 12th, but this is always fun. You can hear me screaming on the video.

Show Cars

I film these every time I see them, and I don’t know why. I am not a car person.

Bates Motel & Psycho House

Easily my favorite part of the tour. Norman came after us with a knife! It was hilarious. I know it was supposed to be scary, but I’ve never really been afraid of psychopaths. I guess with my psychology background I feel that I can talk down a psychopath, but there is no talking down a wild animal, including a hungry T-Rex.

War of Worlds

Photo of me at the set for War of the Worlds

Only a few seconds of footage made it into the overview video because there was a glare for a lot of it. To be honest though, I hadn’t gone through all of the footage at the time of the overview. It was a massive scene that obviously took a lot of effort.

The Fast & The Furious

Although I have never seen any of The Fast & the Furious movies, I really enjoy the ride. I like thrill rides after all, and that’s exactly what this is.


I know I didn’t really give a lot of opinions on each individual part of the ride. While I enjoyed the ride, I just wasn’t familiar with a lot of the movies and tv shows mentioned on the tour. I’m not really a huge movie buff. It was really cool to see where The Good Place was filmed as I said, but many of the others I had seen before. The tour itself was a solid ‘meh’. Enjoyable, but aside from a few highlights, nothing special for me.

What do you think? What would your favorite parts of the Universal Hollywood VIP Experience backlot tour be? If you’ve been on the tour, what did you like about it? Dislike?

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