Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-40

You: Let’s talk to Professor Hatfield first.

You both head to Professor Hatfield’s office. She’s heading out just as you arrive.

Kelsey: *hold ups her badge

Hatfield: We’re going to have to walk and talk. I have a class in a few minutes.

Kelsey: That’s fine. What can you tell us about Marquita Camren?

Hatfield: She’s a good student. I mean, the class she has with me is for her major, so that helps. Is there anything in particular that you want to know about her?

Kelsey: Who does she hang out with?

Hatfield: To be honest, I don’t pay that close of attention to who my students are friends with, but she has a boyfriend–Braden Miller? I think. He’s in one of my other classes, and she’s mentioned him in an assignment or two. And, I think she spends time with her roommate. I’m not sure of her name. I’m sorry, Agent, but I’m not the person to ask about this.

Talk to someone else.

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