January 6 Committee Hearings 2 & 3

January Committee Hearings 2 & 3 focused on the Big Lie and on Trump’s attempts to get Vice President Mike Pence to to overturn the election.

Day 2’s Hearing focused on Trump’s claim that the election had been stolen. It’s important to note here is that nearly every witness shown on video or testifying live were all Republicans and members of Trump’s inner circle.

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A panel of Republican witnesses testified that the voting machines had not been tampered with. Further, it was established that the election was not even close enough for it to make sense to contest in court. Despite this, every challenge brought forth by Trump was taking very seriously.

However, they also made it clear that Trump’s attorneys provided no evidence of what they were arguing.

Day 3’s Hearing focused on Former Vice President Mike Pence. This was particularly on his power in regards to overturning the election (or rather his lack of power). And, they also covered conversations regarding this. Again, all the testimonies were from Republicans and well respected conservatives.

I feel like there was a lot of repetition. And, I didn’t find many of the witnesses to be all that compelling. However, I do think it was very smart to use the witnesses that they did.

A lot of the people who are testifying were from Trump’s inner circle. And, people like me don’t find them to be trustworthy. However, the opposite is true for those who continue to support Donald Trump. And, if they can be convinced to watch, the testimonies are very compelling.

Read Day 1 of the Hearings.

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