9 Epic Ways to Spend Your Halloween In Los Angeles

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Once I was able to make a decent enough living that I could afford to celebrate Halloween, I started researching things I could do. Perhaps you’re in a similar situation, or maybe you’re just looking for something different to do on Halloween. Either way, here are 9 epic ways to spend your Halloween in Los Angeles.

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1. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is on selected nights from September 8-October 31, and tickets are $72-$102 for general tickets, $179-$289 for express passes, and Express Unlimited is $219-$329. You can also buy all day tickets, including the night pass for slightly more that the Halloween Horror Night price. There is also a Frequent Fear pass for $199, that allows you to attend up to 27 nights and an Ultimate Fear pass that allows you to attend every night.

2. Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

I went to this last year, and it was probably my favorite Halloween activity so far. Prices are not yet available on their website, but I highly recommend getting the VIP pass if you can afford it. It allows you to walk right into the haunted houses (there were 3 last year) and less of a wait on the hayride.

3. Nights of the Jack

I saw this last year as well, and while I enjoyed it, it is honestly not very scary. It is more a family friendly activity than anything else.

The main draw is approximately 1 mile trail with carved pumpkins on varied themes. While there is one somewhat spooky section, it was all pretty tame.

There are food and drink trucks as well, and this is where most of the crowd was. As an extreme introvert, I don’t recommend it, but if that is something that you are into, you might enjoy it. I unfortunately didn’t try any of the food, so I couldn’t say if it was any good.

As far as tickets go, they do not go on sale until September, so I was unable to get the prices at this time. I will update once the prices are available.

4. Knott’s Scary & Knott’s Spooky Farm

Knott’s Scary Farm is select nights September 22-October 31 and claims to be the largest and most haunting Halloween event in Southern California. Tickets go on sale today.

If you’re traveling with children or just want a tamer event, Knott’s Spooky Farm is going on during the daytime Thursday-Sundays, September 29-October 30, including Halloween.

5. Oogie Boogie Bash

The Oogie Boogie Bash takes place at Disneyland select nights from September 6 and October 31, 2022.

6. Fright Fest

Fright Fest takes place at Six Flags Magic Mountain select nights from September 10-October 31. You must buy a park ticket in addition to your Haunted attractions pass or Fright Fest & Haunted Attractions Pass. The Haunted Attractions pass is $24.99 and the combo pass is $119.99.

7. Walking Ghost Tours

Perhaps a walking tour is more your speed. There are several ghost tours in the Los Angeles area, including one in Santa Monica for $30 and a self guided tour in Hollywood for $7.82.

8. Boo at the Zoo

Boo at the Zoo takes place at the Moorpark Zoo October 22nd & 23rd and October 30 & 31 from 11 AM to 5 PM. It includes a full day of family fun, games and a costume parade, trick or treating, and animal shows and meet and greets. It costs $9.

9. Carved

Carved takes place at Descanso Gardens October 7-31, and tickets are $32-$38. The event includes games and a costume parade, trick or treating, as well as animal shows and meet and greets.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 9 epic ways to spend your Halloween in Los Angeles. Is there anything you disagree with? Anything you think should be added to the list? Comment below.

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