The Little Mermaid at Cupcake Theatre

On Friday, I saw The Little Mermaid on stage at the Cupcake Theatre.

Cupcake Theatre is a tiny theatre located in an alleyway off of Berendo Ave in East Hollywood.

If I hadn’t been to other events in the area, I might have found this to be suspect. But, there are a lot of pop up events located in alleys in this area.

The theatre itself consisted of the stage,

Three rows of seats on the floor, and rows on steps going back. All and all, the theatre itself was probably about the size of the main living area in my studio apartment.

Prices, Seating, & VIP

I paid $46.75 for standard admission. I am not sure how much VIP Admission is, however, as long as you arrive early, you should not need VIP admission. With VIP admission, you do get reserved seating, snacks, a drink, and a special gift.

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The Music

Overall, I really enjoyed the music–it is why I came to the show after all. My one issue with the music is that there were some major balance issues in the song ‘If Only’. The female voices were drowned out by the male voices, and they didn’t really blend.

The Costumes

The costumes were largely the low point of the show. The costumes were rather simple, low budget outfits. That said, the only costume that didn’t really work was Scuttles. This is the one that was really noticeable as being low budget.

AprilCoxTravel with Flounder and one of Ariel’s sisters.

Unfortunately, the show’s run has ended, so you cannot see The Little Mermaid at Cupcake Theatre at this time, but you can find other great events here.

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