Republicans are Fascists

Joe Biden announced to our nation that MAGA Republicans are semi-fascist. I don’t agree. They aren’t semi-fascist. Republicans are fascists. See the video above where they tell you who they are in their own words to ‘F*ck Democracy*.

Republicans were caught on video teaching poll workers how to secretly cheat in elections.

MAGA Republicans are constantly claiming that the election was stolen, and that there was widespread voter fraud. They were half right.

There are significant issues with our elections, but they are not to the benefit of Democrats–they are to the benefit of Republicans. Gerrymandering, which is drawing district maps in such a way that benefits one said or the other, is mainly done by Republicans. They then make it more difficult for anyone who would vote against them to vote.

Then there’s the electoral college.

The Republicans have not won a single popular election for president since 2004. This is the only time they’ve won a popular election since 1988. Let that sink in.

More Evidence of Their Corruption and Why They Need to Go

Republicans are fascists.

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