Book Reviews: Edition 24

Book Reviews: Edition 24 features The Tallest Christmas Tree, Baby Jesus, and Christina and Rosie: And the Wish that Came True.

The Tallest Christmas Tree

The Tallest Christmas Tree was written by Julia Zheng and illustrated by Anjali Raj.

This story is about a Christmas tree that grew too tall. And, no one wanted it. Ms. Green who owns the farm where the tree grew comforts the tree by decorating it and making it a Christmas tree outside.

I liked the story. But, I felt that the description built it up to be something that the story just didn’t quite fulfill. There just wasn’t a lot of development about the tree really being unwanted. This point was summarized, but I think had the author written out a few specific instances where the tree was rejected, as well as the tree’s reaction the ending would have felt more authentic and built up to.

The book gets 3/5 stars from me.

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus: A Christian Christmas, Holiday Nativity Story for Kids From Two to Twelve was written by Suzette Alexander.

This was miscategorized as a children’s story. But, it wasn’t a story at all. It was a poem–or rather, a series of poems about the birth of Jesus.

The book was very nice. But, there just honestly wasn’t anything original about it. There was nothing that made it stand out from all of the other religious poems.

When I was growing up, my mother bought me and my sisters storybook anthologies that had a mix of religious and secular stories and poems. This book reminds me of some of the poems that were in those books.

The book gets 4/5 stars.

Christina and Rosie: And the Wish that Came True

Christina and Rosie: And the Wish that Came True was written by Rita Hillier.

This is an adorable story about two little girls who wish to become fairies to help their squirrel friend.

The story rhymes effortlessly and pulls the reader in long before it becomes a fantasy as they follow along the girls’ experience. This book gets 5/5 stars from me.

Conclusion and Recommendations.

Based on Book Reviews: Edition 24, I recommend both Christina and Rosie: And the Wish that Came True and Baby Jesus.

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