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hand holding smartphone with internet access to youtube

Ever wonder how singers practice? Well, I can’t speak for other singers, but here’s how my practice routine goes.

hand holding smartphone with internet access to youtube
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I Use Youtube…A lot.

It may seem a bit surprising, but as a singer who doesn’t really play piano, I tend to use Youtube to help me out. I do have a keyboard that I use to help me work out particularly difficult passages. But, for the most part, I use Youtube to accompany myself in singing.

Jeff Rolka.

There are a lot of Youtube channels that share vocal warm ups, but the one I use the most often is Jeff Rolka. He comes across as the most professional, and he has the largest number of videos that work for me and for other people I know.

The video of his that I use most often is his gentle warm up video soprano range. He also has the same thing in all voice part ranges, but as a soprano, this is the one that works best for me.

I get sick a lot, and sometimes I’m just busy and don’t have time to do a full range warm up (although I do those as well), so this one works out perfectly for me.

Additional Warm Ups.

From there, I go on to a second warm up video. Sometimes this video is by Jeff Rolka, but often it is by someone else. I have an entire list that I pull warm ups from.

From there, I move onto warm up songs. These are songs I have learned previously, fall in the middle of my range, and are easy for me to sing. I should note that these songs would likely not be appropriate for warm ups for voices lower than mine (e.g. mezzo sopranos, altos/contraltos, baritones, basses). The idea is that whatever songs you warm up with should take very little effort on your part, otherwise, you’ll end up damaging your voice.

I sing two warm up songs–usually one from the linked list above and one on the list of songs I am learning or working on for my channel. The song I am working on in that slot at the time of writing this is Fixer Upper from Frozen.

Songs to Review.

The next list I take songs from is my songs to review list. These are songs I have previously learned, but have not done in some time. The only goal of singing these songs during my practice session is to determine another list to put them on, whether the songs are ready to perform, easy enough that I can use them as a warm up, or if they need to go on another list to work on them more later.

I usually sing one song from this list as well as one other song I am working on that is a bit more challenging than a warm up. Currently, I’m learning When I’m Older from Frozen.

Songs I’m Learning.

This is a new song that I’ve never sung before. At the moment, I’m working on Isabela’s part in What Else Can I Do from Encanto.

Songs That Need More Work.

The next list is songs that need more work. Do you remember when I said that the purpose to singing the songs to review was to determine which list it goes to? This is ultimately where those songs end up.

I work on one song from that list (currently Christina Aguilera’s version of Reflection in a higher key), and one song on my list for my Youtube channel (Lost in the Woods from Frozen II at the moment).

The Cooldown.

I follow the list in reverse–two songs to review (one off of my list of songs for my channel), two cool down songs (again, one from the list of songs from my channel), and then a cool down exercise by Jeff Rolka.

What does your practice routine look like? Comment below.

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