December Author Updates

Not a lot going on on the author front with so many of my other projects taking precedence, but I do have several projects where I have been making slow progress. Here are my December Author Updates.

Explorers of the Unspeakable

For those of you that know about what started out as a fanfiction series and has since become its own novel series, I’m still working on revisions of the first book, Explorers of the Unspeakable, and I am writing the first draft of Book 7: Memory, as well as the first draft of Origins of the Elite Book 3: Stanford (working title).

A sample of Explorers of the Unspeakable can be found on Wattpad for free.

You Be the Detective Book 2: Terrorists in Santa Barbara

I originally started this series on the blog, but it wasn’t getting as many views as my other posts, mostly, I think, because I was only able to post three posts per week, which didn’t take the story very far. The plan is to have this written all at once or at least chapter by chapter, and then post to Amazon for sale.

You can read Book 1 here.

List of my current publications.

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