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Many of you may already know, but my Frozen Music Show will be going live on December 20th. One of the questions I have been asking cast members in their interviews (Interview with Marissa Mann about Frozen Music Show) is if they relate to the character they played, and if not, which character they relate to most.

close up photography of snowflake
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The Characters I Play

For this production, I play the roles of Anna, Iduna, and the Siren Voice. As you might be able to guess based on those roles, I am the resident soprano, although Iduna’s more of a mezzo soprano.

For me, aside from some of Iduna’s parts being a little lower than I would prefer, I am very comfortable singing these parts. Anna’s parts are extremely easy and right in the middle of my voice. However, I do not particularly relate to any of them.

The Character I Relate To

In truth, the character I relate to most is Elsa. I even considered playing her, but ultimately decided to go with the parts that fit my voice best. That doesn’t stop me from singing her songs on my own.

I relate to Elsa because she’s very much a loner. She’s an outsider, and she’s not interested in romance. So many female heroes have romance as a major part, but there’s not a lot of asexual heroes out there.

As an asexual woman (I’m demisexual–for more information on that, check out this post), it’s nice to see someone who is like me on the screen.

Which character from Frozen do you relate to most? Comment below, and join us on December 20th at 8 PM PST.

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