What Has Fawkes Been Up To

Things have been busy with returning from vacation and getting ready for Christmas. Fawkes spends much of his day getting into trouble–he’s either on the floor or destroying a yoga mat or block–or something else he’s not supposed to have.

But, it’s not all bad. He loves to snuggle up to me at bedtime and fall asleep on my shoulder. And, we read together at night. In truth, he’s my best friend, even if we drive each other crazy.

We have conversations–although they usually consist of him saying I’m his buddy or not his buddy and me responding.

We do trainings every morning–he’s working on accepting a harness, so he can go outside without his carrier. It’s slow going, but he is making slow progress.

I’ve been teach Fawkes about Santa. I can’t tell if he understands or not.

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Check out Fawkes’ page here.

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