Frozen Songs: What They Mean to Me

close up photography of snowflake

I have a tendency to come into Disney movies a little late in the game, and Frozen was no exception to that. In fact, it was the first movie that brought me back into the Disney fold. And, that was all thanks to the song Let It Go.

close up photography of snowflake
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Let It Go

Every girl was singing Let It Go after the movie came out, and I was no exception even if I wasn’t a little girl anymore.

For me, I identified so strongly with the words of this song. I said previously that I identified most with Elsa because of her solitary nature and suspected asexuality. But, I also identified with her because of this song.

I grew up believing that I had to be perfect, and even then, I would not be good enough. So, shrugging off people’s expectations of me was huge for me, and this song played a large part in helping me to do just that.

Reindeers are Better than People

I love Kristoff. To be honest, I relate to him far more than I relate to Anna because of his love of animals. Instead of a reindeer though, my best friend is a parrot.

This song is also hilarious even if it is the simplest song in both movies. See my rendition above which I retitled to Parrots are Better Than People, which I sang to my parrot Fawkes. For more videos about Fawkes the Green Cheeked Conure, check out his channel here.

Frozen Music Show, Anna, Iduna, & The Siren Voice

So, then why did I choose the role of Anna and Iduna/Siren Voice for myself? Well, of the people involved in the Frozen Music show, I was the only soprano.

Now, strictly speaking, Iduna is not a soprano and was played by a different person than the Siren Voice, even though they were essentially the same part, but we had a limited cast.

I loved learning Anna and the Siren Voice’s parts, but I did have to find a higher key for Iduna’s solo.

Check out my performance tonight at 8 PM PST (11 PM EST) at the link above.

For information about upcoming performances, auditions, or other collaborations, go here.

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