Aladdin Interview: Jeannie (played by Andie Campbell)

Aladdin Interview: Jeannie with Andie Campbell

Q. Why did you decide to play the role of the genie over Jasmine? And, why did you change the name to Jeannie?

A. For two reasons. 1) The challenge of it, and 2) because we had a lot more female singers than male singers. Had we, by some strange twist of fate had more male singers than female singers, I probably would have played Jasmine.

I changed the name to Jeannie since I’m a female singing playing the part. Genie just comes across as a more masculine name. It’s also a spoof on I Dream of Jeannie.

Q. Is there a political component to playing Jeannie? 

A. There could be. People get up in arms about the silliest things. The role of the genie is typically a male role, and female dominated shows take a lot of flack. But, the people who are giving that flack are not worth my time, so if there is a political reaction, there is a political reaction. I’m not really worried about it.

Q. What was your favorite song to record? Which one was most challenging?

A. My favorite song to record was Prince Ali. It’s…complicated for the chorus, but I loved singing lead on this one. It was definitely written for a higher voice, and I loved every minute of singing it.

Friend Like Me is easily the hardest song. I haven’t recorded that one yet, but I have started working on it, and it is really hard to sing.

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