Andie Campbell, Singer



Andie Campbell, also known as April Cox, is a classically trained singer, flute player, and a published children’s book author.

Andie has been playing the flute for almost 30 years and singing for nearly as long.

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Frozen Music Show

Auditions for leads have concluded, however, auditions for the chorus will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Record a video of yourself singing Frozen Heart while wearing headphones, so only your voice is recorded. Submit your video(s) to

Engaging Virtual Karaoke Members do not have to audition. Just send me an email or reach out to me on Facebook, and I will set up a folder for you.

December Collaborations

Disney Medley

Submit a video of yourself singing your best Disney song to no later than November 8th. Members of Engaging Virtual Karaoke do not need to audition. Just send me an email to let me know you are interested, and I will assign you a part in the medley.

Disney Duets

Submit a video of yourself, vocals only, singing one part of a Disney duet to no later than November 8th. If your song works for the concept, I’ll reach out to you to include it!

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