AprilCoxTravel Announcements: Grand ReOpening!

AprilCoxTravel is officially reopened as of September 2022. I’ve switched from the MLM I was working with to a host agency that focuses entirely on travel, not recruiting others to pay for subscriptions. The price is much cheaper, and the trainings are much better. I will be planning a virtual grand reopening event, so stayContinue reading “AprilCoxTravel Announcements: Grand ReOpening!”

Republicans are Fascists

Joe Biden announced to our nation that MAGA Republicans are semi-fascist. I don’t agree. They aren’t semi-fascist. Republicans are fascists. See the video above where they tell you who they are in their own words to ‘F*ck Democracy*. Republicans were caught on video teaching poll workers how to secretly cheat in elections. MAGA Republicans areContinue reading “Republicans are Fascists”

Book Reviews: Edition 21

Book Reviews: Edition 21 focuses on Me too!, Super Gay, and Toofus. Me too!: The story of a little dog that wanted more and more… Me too!: The story of a little dog that wanted more and more… is written by Lea Kirshenberg and illustrated by Bhangga Santoso. The only criticism I have for thisContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 21”

Universal Studios Hollywood Crowd Calendar

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I only go to Universal Studios when it’s not crowded. And, that’s why I haven’t been to Universal in awhile, and why I rarely go in the summer. So, how do I know when it’s not crowded? I use a crowd calendar. Ghost Town The best time to goContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Crowd Calendar”

Pending Criminal & Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

As of August 2022, there are 22 pending criminal and civil cases against Donald Trump according to Just Security’s Litigation Tracker. Of these cases, three of them have been settled (all civil), and Trump has attempted to get three others dismissed, but the motions were denied. Sixteen of them are civil; four are criminal, andContinue reading “Pending Criminal & Civil Cases Against Donald Trump”

Book Reviews: Edition 20

Book Reviews: Edition 20 focuses on It Must Be Spring, The Grandmother and the fox, and The True Treasure. It Must Be Spring It Must Be Spring was written by Michelle Wang and illustrated by Uliana Barabash. First, the formatting made this a little hard to read. I felt as if I was seeing fourContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 20”

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights from Sept 8-Oct 31. Tickets must be purchased separately and are not included in park passes, including season passes, although season passholders do get a discount. Here is how much it costs: General Admission: $72-$102 Express Admission: $199-$309 Express Unlimited: $239-$339 After 2 PM Day/Night Admission:Continue reading “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights”

Our Country Still Hates Women

Our country still hates women. Now, I have an anxiety disorder. For those closest to me, this isn’t exactly news. Why do I have an anxiety disorder? I could say that it runs in my family. Mental health conditions certainly do, although as far as I know, I’m the first with anxiety. I could sayContinue reading “Our Country Still Hates Women”

Book Reviews: Edition 19

Book Reviews: Edition 19 focuses on Autumn, Jackie the Penguin Goes on Safari: A Story of One Little Penguin who Wanted to Meet the Wild Animals of Africa, and Herman, The Fourth Little Pig. Autumn Autumn is written by Leah Leslie. While I did find this to be one of her better books, one thingContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 19”

Universal Studios Hollywood COVID Precautions Sept 2022

Given that there have been so many changes in regards to the response to COVID, especially in states like California and in particular, Los Angeles, you might be wondering what the current COVID precautions are at Universal Studios in Hollywood. AprilCoxTravel has you covered. Here are the Universal Studios Hollywood COVID Precautions Sept 2022. TheContinue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood COVID Precautions Sept 2022”

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