December Singing Announcements

Advertisements There is a lot coming up in the month of December. Here are my December Singing Announcements. Frozen Music Show Frozen Music Show, starring Marissa Mann as Elsa, and Andie Campbell as Anna, premieres on Youtube on December 20, 2022 at 8:00 PM PST (11 PM EST). For more information about casting, you canContinue reading “December Singing Announcements”

Fawkes December Updates

Advertisements Fawkes and I just got back from a weeklong trip to Monterey. You’ll see more about that in upcoming travel blog posts. In the meantime, Fawkes and I are gearing up for the Christmas season. We’ll get our tree up, hopefully, this weekend, and I’ll be figuring out our Christmas calendar. Stay tuned onContinue reading “Fawkes December Updates”

Book Reviews: Edition 28

Advertisements Book Reviews: Edition 28 focuses on The Little Butterfly With No Colors, Sweet Dreams: Good Night, and Aly’s Pet-Tastic Birthday!: A story on pet care. The Little Butterfly With No Colors  The Little Butterfly With No Colors is written by Brittney Herrera and Yosi Vidal. This was a cute story about patience and being whoContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 28”

How to Clean Your Bird’s Cage

Advertisements Cleaning your bird’s cage is extremely important to keep your bird healthy and happy. So, here is how to clean your bird’s cage. Changing the paper It is best to line the bottom of your bird’s cage with newspaper or some other sort of paper. I use butcher paper, but newspaper works just asContinue reading “How to Clean Your Bird’s Cage”

Book Reviews: Edition 27

Advertisements Book Reviews Edition 27 focuses on Gardenia’s Birthday Surprise, Saint Goes to Space, and True Friendship. Gardenia’s Birthday Surprise  Gardenia’s Birthday Surprise is written by Sarah Pfeffer and illustrated by Mel Schroeder. This was probably one of the most disorganized children’s stories I’ve read in a long time. And, there wasn’t really a discernible themeContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 27”

Choosing Songs that Fit Your Voice Part

Advertisements Choosing songs that fit your voice part is largely guided by the voice part that best describes your voice. Vocal Range & Register Vocal range is part of what sets each voice part apart from another. But, register is really what determines voice part and the types of songs that work best for yourContinue reading “Choosing Songs that Fit Your Voice Part”

Pet Friendly Hotels at Universal Studios Orlando

Advertisements There are three levels of hotels at Universal Studios Orlando Resort: Budget, Preferred, and Premier. There are four pet friendly hotels at Universal Studios Orlando located in the actual resort. On the premier level, there is Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Loews Portofino Resort, and Hard Rock Hotel. Loews Royal Pacific Resort Loews Royal PacificContinue reading “Pet Friendly Hotels at Universal Studios Orlando”

Conservatives v KKK

Advertisements I feel like the video stands for itself, but Conservatives v KKK. Do you have any more examples of conservative corruption? Link below. The Ku Klux Klan, Conservative Politics and Religion: Taking Extremism to the Political Mainstream. Similar Posts You Might Enjoy Our Country Still Hates Women

Fawkes’ Top 10 Favorite Things to Do

Advertisements Want to learn a little more about our favorite feathered friend? Here are Fawkes’ top 10 favorite things to do. 10. Sing. Fawkes is known for random screen bombing during virtual karaoke and sings along with songs he likes. DID YOU KNOW that he once sang the words in the chorus to Ace ofContinue reading “Fawkes’ Top 10 Favorite Things to Do”

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