Book Reviews: Edition 6

Welcome to Book Reviews: Edition 6. This week I will be reviewing the following children’s books: Unicorn Jokes-Kids Tell Them, Little Nikki: Her Journey to Self-Love, and I Am Grateful. Unicorn Jokes-Kids Tell Them Unicorn Jokes-Kids Tell Them is written by Rich Linville. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan. I’m not usually a fanContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 6”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-27

You arrive at the home and knock on the door. A man comes to the door. You: Devon Miller? Miller: Yes. You: I’m working with the FBI. Have you heard from your son, Braden, recently? Mrs. Miller (from inside): Devon, what’s going on? Miller: She’s asking about Braden. You: We’re trying to find him. Mrs.Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-27”