Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-42

You head to Professor Ramirez’s office. Kelsey: *shows him her badge Ramirez: I don’t have time to talk to you right now. Kelsey: I just want to ask you about Marquita Camren. Who does she hang out with? Ramirez: How should I know? I have over 200 students. Talk to someone else.

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-40

You: Let’s talk to Professor Hatfield first. You both head to Professor Hatfield’s office. She’s heading out just as you arrive. Kelsey: *hold ups her badge Hatfield: We’re going to have to walk and talk. I have a class in a few minutes. Kelsey: That’s fine. What can you tell us about Marquita Camren? Hatfield:Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-40”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-39

You: I think we should talk to Marquita’s professors to find out who her friends are. Kelsey: Okay. Which of her professors would you like to start with? Talk to Professor Kira Hatfield. Talk to Professor Angela Newman. Talk to Professor Rufus Ramirez. Talk to Professor Morgan Hamilton. Talk to Professor Lachlan Barrera. Do SomethingContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-39”