Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-27

You arrive at the home and knock on the door. A man comes to the door. You: Devon Miller? Miller: Yes. You: I’m working with the FBI. Have you heard from your son, Braden, recently? Mrs. Miller (from inside): Devon, what’s going on? Miller: She’s asking about Braden. You: We’re trying to find him. Mrs.Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-27”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-19

You: We think he might be in trouble. Luke: What kind of trouble? Kelsey: We can’t tell you that–it could put him in more danger. Where would he go if he was in trouble. Luke: I don’t know. Home maybe. Or Marquita–his girlfriend. Kelsey: We think think Marquita’s with him. Where’s home for him? Luke: East coast. Pittsburgh, I think.Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-19”

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