Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-16

You: Has there been an Agent West asking questions? Ben: Not that I’ve seen, but I just got back. I went home for the weekend with everything that was happening. I’m sorry I can’t help you more. Kelsey: That’s okay–you helped plenty. Go to football practice to talk to Luke. Get a warrant and searchContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-16”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-17

*At the football field, practice is just finishing up, so you and Kelsey approach the coach Kelsey: We need to talk to Luke Bragg. *shows her badge Coach: Bragg! You’ve got someone here to see you. (to Kelsey) He’s not in trouble, is he? Kelsey: We’re trying to find his roommate. We just want toContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-17”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-18

You: We really can’t say. Luke: Well, then I really don’t have anything to tell you. Kelsey: We think he might be in trouble. Luke: What kind of trouble? Kelsey: We can’t tell you that–it could put him in more danger. Where would he go if he was in trouble. Luke: I don’t know. HomeContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-18”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-11

In Los Robles. Kelsey: *Knocks on Braden’s door. There is no answer. *Kelsey knocks again. *A male student walks by. Male Student: Are you looking for Braden or Luke? Kelsey: Either one of them. Male Student: Well, Braden hasn’t been back since that Professor lady was killed, but Luke should be at football practice. Kelsey:Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-11”

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